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6 month anniversary, largest human migration ever, and civilians in space

September 21, 2021

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Metaverse Enabled Mass Migration is Around the Corner

// read my full post here

this could be your future work-from-home house

A quick glance over to the clock, 8:43 am. That never gets old.

You used to wake up at 6 am, get ready for work, sit in traffic for an hour, get to the office in Palo Alto by 9 am. Meetings, Janice in the break room talking about her new puppy, maybe two hours of actual focused work, then another hour in traffic back home.

That was a long time ago though.

As you make some coffee you look out the window at the gentle turquoise waves lapping against the powdered sugar beach in front of your house in the Caribbean.

You bought the house for slightly more than the down payment you’d been saving for a place in the Bay Area.

With your cup of coffee in hand, you slide into your ergonomic office chair. The leather is cool on your skin. You set down your coffee and pick up a sleek, lightweight pair of goggles. The display turns on and you scroll through a few notifications then teleport to work.

You’re floating through the International Space Station. Every morning you meet with coworkers for a quick standup in the Metaverse. Every day it’s a different place, today is the ISS.

It’s been so long since everyone worked in the Bay Area or New York, or London, or New Delhi that you don’t even know where some of your coworkers live in real life. Mark lives in Argentina you think, but maybe it was Chile. Doesn’t really matter, you’re all here on the virtual ISS together.

We’re sitting at the eve of the largest migration in human history and no one is paying attention.

The pandemic blew open the doors to remote work and Americans responded quickly.

Tech workers fled San Francisco as soon as they understood the pandemic was here to stay.

We saw mass outflows from San Francisco to the rest of California and the US.

But intra-US migration is only step one. Once people realize remote is fully here to stay, the world is open. All those warm, beautiful places with delicious food in the world are not only viable, but preferable.

Read my latest post exploring this mass migration that will see millions, perhaps as many as a billion workers move around the world, all enabled by remote work and the Metaverse.

Full post here:

2 crazy things ✌
🚀 SpaceX sends civilians to space 👩‍🚀

In a first of it's kind mission SpaceX sent four civilians into orbit for a brief mission. Big leap forward for space tourism.

🌐 Solana vs Ethereum

Great write up on the differences between the two competing. cryptocurrencies. Solana is a bigger player in the NFT, so there's that.
Seeking Alpha

To another six months!

Would you move somewhere globally if you could work remotely forever? Why or why not?

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“The future we envision for work allows for infinite virtual workspaces that will unlock social and economic opportunities for people regardless of barriers like physical location. It will take time to get there, and we continue to build toward this.”
Andrew Bosworth
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