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Hi, I'm Daniel
welcome to my corner of the internet,
where I'm charting the Metaverse

I write mostly about the future, but I like to imagine a better future. Though utopian sci-fi doesn't make good movies, it does make fantastic posts. Learn something new about the future in writing that's never dull, often funny, sometimes leveraging fiction

I'm a freelance consultant working on projects that interest me in video games, strategy, research, marketing, and systems integration

This is a collection of thoughts, research, and theories on the trends and technology most likely to impact our lives in the next 3-10 years

I sometimes write random thoughts on life, work, business, strategy ;)

My most popular articles are Guide to the Metaverse in 15 minutes and We Are Voyagers. If you want to understand the journey I'm on then check out Why I'll never be an employee again.

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