VR Beach Scene

For XR Terra's class VR Design class we were to make a nice little beach scene. I went above and beyond the class project and built out a nice cyberpunk vibe beach scene.

My main goal was to tinker with lighting and I think I accomplished that with the colored nightclub style lights. I made that all with Unity primitives, emission materials, and lights. The light baking is what makes it look good.

The radio I coded from scratch, maybe only 80 lines of code or so and you can add as many songs as you want from the inspector in whatever order you want and it'll work. No hardcoding.

VR Rope

I worked on a project for a friends game to make realistic ropes and swings in VR using physics. It was a nice dive into physics, configurable joints, and I hacked it with a line render as the quickest way. Ideally we'd use a mesh renderer to define the rope, but I couldn't really be bothered to do the math ;)

MIT Reality Hack 2021 - Lifelines AR

I was the second developer on a hackathon team. We ended up winning a category, which was awesome.

Besides a lot of general work, I wrote a lot of the game state management code and connectors. I also worked on a lot of debugging. It was 48 hours of hacking and the 3 of us devs did a lot, it's all blurry ;) 

It was my first time working with MRTK and the Hololens, but it was a great experience. Check out the Devpost

VR Educators

This was the final project for the XR developer course I took with XR Terra. This was a group project. I was the primary developer on the project - and primary project manager.

I wrote most of the code from scratch including the tablet that can be toggled on, the ray cast instantiation of an object - which was harder than it should have been, and the overall setup and configuration of the project.

The design team did the majority of the environment design and the whiteboard functionality was written by another developer working from a YouTube tutorial.

VR Cornhole

One of the first projects I did in VR was in an XR Terra course where I created a VR cornhole game. The only assets provided were the cornhole board mesh and the beanbag mesh.

The tutorial walked us through writing all the scripts for game management and beanbag management and UI. The various environments and their related sound effects were my own flourishes.

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