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a new year, buying land on Mars, and Metaverse banks?

September 8, 2021

Happy Tuesday — wait Wednesday ;)

Yesterday was the first day of Rosh Hashana, or Jewish new year, hence the late newsletter.

Regardless of your faith, or lack thereof, you can always take some time to reflect and start over. You don’t have to wait for January, just piggy back on the Jewish new year, or really any new day.

This last year has been particularly trying for many of us and full of change, but the pandemic has also put a lot in perspective and caused all of us to think about what we value.
My own family became one of the millions that moved during the pandemic. We moved to San Diego to be close to my family, get a little space, and some sunshine.

Covid19 isn’t over yet though. It’ll continue to play a role in the year ahead. Now is still a good time to ask yourself:

How’s my life going?

Is this what I want?

If not, make some changes. You only have one life, might as well be a good one.

Shana tova — happy new year!

2 quick hits ✌

How many ways could the U.S. end?

I’ve been working on the essay for the second to last part of my Fracture essay series and it’s coming along, but not ready for prime time yet.

Though I think the U.S. is likely to fracture in the near future, an editor asked me why fracture and why not something else? So I’ve been researching every way a country can fail and thinking through the probabilities of those for the United States. Stay tuned!

Metaverse arguments

I’ve been digging in on the Metaverse in-depth, thinking things through, researching more, even having Twitter discussions!

twitter convo

Phil and Raphael here are not on the same Metaverse page as I — and that’s what makes the Metaverse so intriguing.

No one really knows how it’s going to play out, we’re all just figuring it out along the way.

3 crazy things 👉👉👉

🔴 ➡ 🌍 Buy land on Mars and terraform it

Well an NFT of a virtual Mars, not real Mars. And virtually terraforming it, not actually teraforming it. But, hey, they used the word Metaverse in their pitch and a digital plot of Mars is only $200 so why the hell not. Want to become a virtual Martian real estate tycoon, check em out: https://app.mars4.me/

💰 Banks jumping in on the Metaverse 🌐

You know that the Metaverse is getting into overheated territory when South Korean banks are trying to jump in on it.

What does it mean to be a bank in the Metaverse?
Korea Times

📱 What the internet was made for 🎥

Do you remember the early days of the internet, where it was mostly funny videos and terrible websites. This family’s skits remind me of that, just great stuff. They’ve been pushing out hilarious content during Covid. A little levity in these trying times.

video preview

Posted first on TikTok and now racking up the views across multiple platforms. Check it out on Reddit, the comments are gold.

What does this next year hold?

I'm excited about this next year for me, for my business, for my writing. I'm also excited for the world. I'm hoping Covid19 becomes something that ceases to dominate the world in the next 12 months, but that we keep the upsides — more remote work, more outdoors, more family time.

What do you want in the next 12 months?

Let me know. Just hit reply, I read and respond to everyone!

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Have an awesome week and see you next Tuesday!


Every Moment is a Fresh Beginning
T.S. Eliot

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