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an ass kicking, should Amazon have a seat at the UN, and India's crypto play

October 5, 2021

Happy Tuesday,

I've been thinking a lot about my career, what I'm trying to do, and how I want to contribute to the future.

I've made a decision.

I want to build.
I want to create

I don't want to only talk about the future from the sidelines, I want to actively create it.

I've been mostly a marketer in the tech industry for my career. I taught myself HTML and CSS years ago so I could edit websites without having to wait on the developers, but I didn't master web dev.

Eventually I decided to learn python. I learned a decent amount online and made a little game. Then life got in the way.

Early in the pandemic, with extra time on my hands I completed two python classes with Rice University.
Then I started and got 25% of the way through a Unity C# course on Udemy. I made two little games before I paused my efforts.

But I never committed.

I hadn't decided to become a developer. I dabbled.

That's changed.

The other day I read an article that kicked my ass.

VR industry legend, Tony Parisi, wrote an engaging article on the 3rd wave of VR.

Part way down the article he had two lines that struck me hard:

"The pundits are pontificating. A new class of self-appointed “experts” are jockeying for position as thought leaders. Eye strain-inducing Metaverse “roadmap” infographics abound — as if anyone knows how this is actually going to play out."

and shortly thereafter

"The kids are creating. Most significantly, the creator class in an ascendant economy is making all kinds of Metaverse stuff: interactive 3D content in Fortnite, Roblox and VRChat, NFTs on myriad platforms, and open and decentralized worlds in Decentraland, to name a few."

In that moment I saw myself in the first category and decided to jump ship to the second, that's when I committed to becoming a VR developer. Committed to building and creating not just pontificating and writing about VR and the Metaverse.

I joined a 12 week VR development boot camp and now I'm up to my eyeballs in the Unity game development engine and C# scripts.
I couldn't be happier.

Oh I'll keep on writing and talking along the way, I can't help myself.
But this time I'll be talking about the game as a player, not a sports journalist.

2 crazy things ✌
📦 Give Amazon a seat at the UN?

Amazon flag on moon

In a fascinating read on Bloomberg the author makes an argument out of a dystopian sci-fi novel that we should essentially grant UN membership to big companies, they're as influential and powerful as countries anyways.
Bloomberg: Give Amazon and Facebook a Seat at the United Nations

🌐 India's crypto play

This article caught my eye.
Hindustan Times: India is becoming a global blockchain and defi hub

I've heard this before though from Balaji. I first found him on a nearly 4 hour interview with Tim Ferris. He blew my mind so much I listened to it 2 more times.

I couldn't help but think of him when I saw the headline above. So I dug around and he's got a killer article on India and Crypto

Add Crypto to IndiaStack — It's worth the read.

Oh yeah, and listen to the Tim Ferris podcast with him when you get a chance.

☝ 1 Bonus crazy thing

My favorite pseudonymous crypto Metaverse punk is back at it again with a killer thread that's a battle cry for an open Metaverse

Check it out in full: @6529 on the Metaverse

What would you create?

Not everyone can or should become a developer or artist, but if you could build an app or create a masterpiece of art, what would you make?

Let me know. Just hit reply, I read and respond to everyone!

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Have an awesome week and see you next Tuesday!


Learn to sell. Learn to build. If you can do both, you will be unstoppable.
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