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How to convert people to solarpunk, and NFT hype cycle busts

May 10, 2022

Hello my fellow futurists!

1 life update πŸ‘†

I have to be brief tonight, my wife is under the weather and my office is an offshoot of our bedroom (super weird layout of the house). Normally that wouldn't be a big deal, but I happen to have a mechanical keyboard with the loudest possible clicky keys, Cherry Blue Switches. If you know, you know.

so satisfying to type on, but oh so loud

For the sake of my poor wife trying to go to bed early I gotta keep the typing to a minimum

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1 crazy thing πŸ‘†

🌞 Solarpunk gets into politics

I've been a member of the r/solarpunk subreddit for quite some time, and longtime readers know I've covered it a few times in the newsletter.

Lately though, like all of life the community has been wading into politics, current politics.

Is Solarpunk political? Some would argue it is.

But no, I don't think it's inherently political to believe in environmental ideals.

That statement alone is a reaction to today's inflamed political environment where one party has recently taken an anti-environmental stance.

Protecting the environment, becoming sustainable stewards of the land, these are inherently human traits. It's how we lived for the vast majority of our existence. Even somewhat ironically the Republicans were originally the party to implement the National Parks, rightly believing we needed to protect them.

Making art, enjoying beauty, those are universal human traits too.

Making technology and advancing in our quest for innovation is a defining human characteristic as well, it's what separates us from lesser evolved animals.

Many would argue that Solarpunk would be the fulfillment, the pinnacle of human existence.

Yes it's a punk genre because it's so contrary to the current system.

But the current system is contrary to our own nature. It's a feedback loop run awry.

We don't have to argue and berate people on the politics of today, we need to show people the beautiful world they could have that's pure synergy of both our human nature and mother nature.

​// in case the video doesn't work click here

3 Metaverse things ✌+πŸ‘†

🎨 NFT sales down 92%

In a surprise to no one that's not fully into NFTs, sales are down, like a lot. Like 92% from their peak.

Elon trolled NFT fans by changing his profile pic to this

Are NFTs here to stay, yes. Were they a bit overhyped a bit ago, also yes. Most new technologies and trends go through a hype -> bust -> return cycle. NFTs likely will too.


😱 People are afraid of the Metaverse

Apparently a third of Americans are afraid of a Metaverse manifesting, most apparently are apathetic, and a minority are excited.


man in yellow jacket wearing black goggles
I can see why they might be terrified ;)

I for one am in the excited camp, but I've always been in that camp. I've been a gamer all my life, build this stuff, and work in it.

We're still early though.


πŸ₯½ VR helps people with agoraphobia

So maybe a bunch of American's are afraid of VR, but it's helping people who are afraid to go outside.

Nervous Shane in natural light.

VR is fast becoming an incredibly effective therapy tool, by allowing people to face their situations in a safe, simulated environment as practice before facing the challenge in the real world.

​The Guardian​

Will NFTs make a comeback?

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We are living more and more increasingly in a digital landscape, and NFTs become assets to communicate who you are
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