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I tried to buy the constitution and made a bunch of money instead

November 30, 2021

I tried to help buy the constitution for the people and ended up making the best return on crypto I've ever had!

I know this makes no sense, but I'll walk you through it. (Mom, there's a translation for you at the bottom of this section 😉)

So a few weeks back ConstitutionDAO became a thing. Essentially a group sprang up to buy one of the few remaining original copies of the constitution held in private hands. The internet did it's thing and the DAO (decentralized autonomous organization - kind of like an internet chat room with a bank account) began raising millions of dollars worth of Ethereum (a leading cryptocurrency) to bid on the copy of the constitution.

the memes this thing generated though!

Yours truly was compelled to donate to the cause — more on that later.

By the time of the auction the DAO had a stunning 47 Million dollars worth of Ethereum from random internet people like me, at an average donation of about 200 dollars.

Then came the auction.

In a 'you can't make this shit up' turn of events the crypto group lost the bid to Ken Griffin. Now that name won't ring a bell for normal people, but Ken is the CEO of Citadel, a hedge fund that played the villain role earlier this year in the GameStop stock rally urged on by Redditors. Needless to say crypto people are not fans of Ken Griffin, and here he is defeating the cause.

Now, this is where this already ludicrous story gets crazier and yours truly ends up making money.

So, when all us internet weirdos donated to the DAO we were given PEOPLE tokens in exchange. These tokens were going to serve as our voting rights for what the DAO would do with the constitution if we won. The tokens themselves exist on the Ethereum blockchain linked to our donations. They, like anything crypto / NFT can be bought, sold, traded, swapped, etc.

For some crazy reason these tokens began trading at many, many multiples of their original value.

I traded mine on Uniswap in exchange for Ethereum and made a 12x return on the original amount donated, even when I take into account all the various fees I paid along the way to make all these transactions (anyone who's been playing in crypto knows there's a ton of transaction fees, tons).

Because I'm not truly crazy I still kept 3,000 PEOPLE tokens just in case for some inexplicable reason they increase in value later. The current value of the 3,000 tokens is still more than my original donation, it's crazy.

Translation for my mom

A group got together to buy an original copy of the constitution and formed a non-profity kinda thing.
You could donate to the non-profit, but only with internet money. This internet money has a lot of transaction fees involved.
I donated a small sum.
When you donate you receive a bunch of ballots to vote for what the group will do with the constitution if they win.
The group didn't win. A Wall Street villain beat them.
For no particular reason some people started buying up everyone's ballots. I traded most of my ballots for more internet money.
Even after all the fees I paid along the way I made over 12 times my original donation amount and I still own 3,000 ballots just in case.
Crypto, it's just weird.

2 crazy things ✌

👨‍🚀 NASA to save Bruce Willis

Oil rig workers detonating nuclear bombs in a suicide mission makes for great movies, but is absolutely ridiculous in real life.

NASA will be launching a probe to test changing the direction of an asteroid to make sure we can.

Earth is not currently in peril, but should we be, the idea is that we can just send off a probe to redirect an asteroid from space, no farewell speeches needed.


🤖 The rise of the fast food robots

The Great Resignation, the pandemic, people just waiting for something better, whatever the reason there's definitely a fast food worker labor shortage.

Now more robots are filling the gap. Regardless of the reason, more robots was inevitable, as they're more cost effective in the long run.

Teens will have to find a different first job.


ConstitutionDAO failed, but pushed crypto further into people's conscious

What other things ended up a failure, but advanced tech anyways. MySpace? Maybe something like that?

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Bitcoin will do to banks what email did to the postal industry.
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