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Injecting mouse cerebral fluid and Apple’s RealityOS

May 31, 2022

Hello my fellow futurists!

1 life update 👆

I'm out all this week at AWE 2022, gonna try a little experiment and live tweet a whole bunch of it, so keep an eye over on Twitter

If you’re into VR / AR, this is one of the top conferences to be at.

If you’re here, hit me up.

1 crazy thing 👆

🐭 Scientist reverse aging in old mice

This is where it gets into crazy territory and my sci-fi brain goes spinning into dark places.

white and brown hamster on white surface

Basically a bunch of scientist have injected the cerebral fluid of young mice into old mice and reversed some age related decline. Very interesting, but you know where this goes. Young brain slaves being mined for their cerebral fluids to sell to rich old dudes. There’s a movie in there somewhere.

1 Metaverse thing 👆

🥽 Apple trademarks RealityOS

We’ve known for a while that Apple will release a headset, with this new trademark filing, maybe it’s right around the corner.

Any favorite conferences you've been to?

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