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rivers, understanding the future through fiction, and where does space begin

July 20, 2021

Happy Tuesday,

Greetings from the Colorado River, where it's 110 Fahrenheit (43 Celsius) or hot as hell regardless of your unit of measurement. The kind of place where you tan through SPF 50 sunblock and come back 6 shades darker than when you arrived.

You can't see the heat in the picture, but it's 80+ F even at night

As a kid we'd come out here once a year with friends and family. Going to the river was always a highlight of the summer.

We've been meaning to come back for years and finally we made it happen. Just family this time, my mom and dad, my brother and his kids, my wife and kids, and my younger brother.

It's different this time, but it's still amazing.

Some things are worth holding onto.

What traditions did you have as a kid that you miss? It won't be the same as you remembered it, but it'll be a new tradition for you and your friends and your kids. Make it happen!

US fracture & how to write fiction

As I write the essay series on the coming fracture of the US, I've been writing an accompanying fiction story.

When you're writing about something as difficult to imagine as the fracture of the United States a fictional story can make it easier to get your head around.

The story centers around two brothers and how the fracture affects them differently.

While writing the second part of the story, that I intended to publish today, I got some really great feedback that changed my perspective on what I was writing. In essence, the editor wanted me to do more world—building around this future US, not just focus on the brothers.

This led to another brainstorm session and a lively discussion with my family around the breakfast table at the river.

I’ll need a rewrite before publishing part 2.

Where does space begin?

In what will probably be a regularly occurring thing for awhile another billionaire will go to space. Bezos was beat to the punch by Branson, but gets the last laugh. He’s the first of the billionaires to go to actual space.

The internationally recognized start of space begins at the Kármán line 60 miles (100 km) above earth.

Bezos will fly above the Karman line, Branson did not.

If you want more info on the line check this out

As the world goes virtual, how will you hold onto the best real life has to offer?

Try to find the time to enjoy life in the real world, disconnected from the internet. I wrote most of this newsletter ahead of time, so I only needed to clean up a bit and hit publish on Tuesday for example.

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Have an awesome week and see you next Tuesday!

The wise man must remember that while he is a descendant of the past, he is a parent of the future.
Herbert Spencer

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