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sailing through cyberspace in 2022

January 4, 2022

Happy new year! Hopefully you successfully avoided Omicron or you're recovering quickly.

1 life update ☝

It's a new year and that means annual reviews, new years resolutions and the like. I'm honestly still working on mine.

Largely my life goals fall into a handful of buckets though

  • Writing
    Grow this newsletter and write more fiction on my blog
  • VR Dev
    Develop my VR skills and learn more game development
  • Health
    Exercise 5x per week and get my body fat percentage down
  • Full life
    Get checked off on the Ensign sailboat with my sailing club, more adventures with the family, more dates with my wife
  • Work
    Grow XR Terra into a thriving business

2 crazy things ✌

⛵ The new age of sail

Shipping companies are looking into kites and sails!

Freighter outfitted with Michelin (yes, the tire company) inflatable sails

Most modern goods are shipped by sea on large cargo ships, but in an effort to reduce carbon emissions and fuel costs sailing is being revisited


🔭 Newest big ass space telescope

James Webb Space Telescope

I'm not sure if you pay as much attention to space news as I do, but we successfully launched a new telescope into space, the James Webb Space Telescope. This new telescope will study the infrared light of the cosmos, something the Hubble space telescope can't do.

Washington Post

3 Metaverse things ✌+👆

🧑 Ready Player Me raises a new round

Ready Player Me is probably the best universal avatar tool in VR right now, and I'm excited to see them get some funding to grow. If you don't have a Ready Player Me avatar, go get one for free right now

Ready Player Me

🌐 Metaverse Meme Time

How we're all feeling right now with the word ;)

🥽 Military getting into AR of course

Though not a surprise at all, the US Army has been working for a while on super soldier video game like goggles for soldiers. The goggles will augment on the ground soldier with heads up displays, extra data and more.

Pretty cool use of XR technology even if slightly controversial.

Microsoft will be the provider.

Army Times

Craziest thing that'll happen in 2022?

What's your boldest prediction?

Let me know. Just hit reply, I read and respond to everyone!

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Have an awesome week and see you next year!


Whatever it is you're scared of doing, do it. Make your mistakes, next year and forever
Neil Gaiman

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