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telescope time travel and new VR world builders

July 19, 2022

Hello my fellow futurists!

You may not have a ton of control over the future of the world, but you do have control of your own future πŸ€”

1 life update πŸ‘†

I went surfing this last weekend with my brother. It was the first time in as many as 10 years!

this was the beach, but the weather was a lot worse than this

The moment I slipped onto the board and paddled out into the waves a rush of nostalgia hit me. Surfing used to be a happy place for me, my connection to the ocean. I don't know why I let it go.

I'm glad I'm back in the waves though and I don't want to stop. I'm surfing a shitty Costco surfboard, but at least my wetsuit from high school still fits!

2 crazy things ✌

πŸš€β€‹ why are the JWT images important?

Someday soon we'll be a spacefaring race, exploring the furthest reaches of the universe. Boldly going where no man has gone before. Till then we can travel through space and time with a telescope.

Carina Nebula
Just look at it, it's gorgeous, I just can't with these pics - click for full size

I love these images so much I made the full size Carina Nebula one above my desktop background across two monitors 😍

Why are these images so important?

They let us see further into space (and thus further back into time) by imaging infrared.

Sci Show has a great 7 and a half minute video on the JWT with comparisons to the Hubble telescope's imaging capabilities

🀯 Netherlands making WFH a right

Going to the office is out, working from home is in for the Dutch.

Fake stock image, who wears a collared shirt at home?

Maybe they're actually for workers rights?

Maybe they're trying to reduce commute emissions?

"It allows (employees) to find a better work-life balance and reduce time spent on commuting,” said Maatoug of the GroenLinks party, reported the Wall Street Journal.

I mean, that's a nice quote. I'm on-board.

Remote work is here to stay. The next step, as I've written before, is to move somewhere exotic and work remotely.

​Business Standard​

3 Metaverse things ✌+πŸ‘†

🎨 Post Malone in VR

I watched Post Malone's VR 'concert' the other night

Post Malone

Concert isn't the right word.

Meta calls it a "VR album experience", I'd call it a music video in VR with a handful of strangers nearby.

It's a really enjoyable experience for maybe 8 minutes. I couldn't watch the whole thing even though I like his music.

We need a little more experimentation here.

Maybe they need to run fewer instances and have each more crowded for a more live feel? Scale is off too, makes it painfully obvious we're spectators of a recording, kinda like watching a music video in a movie theatre would be.

Hey that's something that does work well, watching movies in VR is pretty fun.

🌐 New metaverse like platform

Many Worlds dropped a trailer recently and flooded all the VR news outlets. Looks cool, definitely worth checking out.

//Click below for the full video

From the trailer it looks like you can fight other people any time and the worlds are seamlessly connected and affect each other.

Not sure how well that'll go over, but I'd love for something fresh in the VR world building arena.

Airship cannon fights in VR!? Sign me up

πŸ‘©β€πŸ« Learn to teach in VR

My friends at Edstutia are launching a new training program to teach you how to become a VR instructor - I'm considering taking it myself! :)
If you're a coach, L&D manager, consultant, or HR professional then you should look into teaching in VR
AND if you are looking into it, Edstutia are the folks to teach you! They have a really cool campus in VR and walk you through how best to start incorporating XR into your existing training or teaching.

Real people teaching digitally

This is not an ad, I just like the Edstutia platform and the folks that run the company and want them to be successful :)
For more info, or to register for the September cohort, go here​

What do you want to change about your own future? What's holding you back?

I want to keep surfing in the mix and I'm never moving somewhere I can't surf again.

What's your thing? Let me know. Just hit reply, I read and respond to everyone!
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Have an awesome week and see you next time!


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