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trolls and the end of the hype train

March 15, 2022

Hello my fellow futurists!

I'm tired. It's probably the time change. Good thing the US Senate voted unanimously today to just stop changing the clocks. That would be amazing if it passes!


1 life update πŸ‘†

red and black dog signage

Beware trolls, the beasties of the internet!

In a first for me I had a troll respond to my last newsletter. It was an odd experience, and yet somewhat validating. I suppose all internet creators achieve this milestone at some point.

To milestones πŸ₯‚

2 crazy things ✌

​πŸ₯€ Walgreens fridge door screens

In another episode of The Future We Don't Want, Walgreens is piloting a new concept.

Fridge screens. I'll give you one guess why.... ads


πŸ”΄ We'll live around red dwarfs

a red dwarf

If humanity makes it to the end of the universe and known time we'll end up on a planet orbiting a red dwarf. This is a quick read.


When I read that article I can't help but think of Isaac Asimov's best short story, The Last Question. I won't spoil it, you should read it.

​PDF link​

I'd reread it too, if you haven't read it in a long time.

3 Metaverse things ✌+πŸ‘†

πŸ‘“ Architecture in VR

Architecture and environmental design are obvious candidates for XR adoption. Looks like more architects are catching on


🌐 Bob Iger joins the Metaverse

Bob Iger, the former CEO of Disney, is investing in and has joined the board of Genies, a Web3 avatar company.

I have no idea if Genies will be a household name in 5 years or not, but I can tell you that avatars are going to be a big deal.


πŸ“‰ interest in the Metaverse on the decline

Despite my complete involvement in the concept, industry, XR, etc I'm kinda glad that interest is coming down. It was seriously overhyped.

Apple will eventually launch a headset and we'll have a fresher word than Metaverse.

The core concepts are likely here to stay, but the hype train is slowing down.


What other tech or trend is overhyped?

Besides NFTs and Metaverse, anything else overhyped?

Let me know. Just hit reply, I read and respond to everyone!
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Have an awesome week and see you next Tuesday!


There is as yet insufficient data for a meaningful answer
Isaac Asimov in The Last Question

PS if you only click on one link today, make it the Asimov story


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