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Video games make kids smarter

May 17, 2022

Hello my fellow futurists!

I knew there was something about video games that just made sense! Read on for the story on them actually making us smarter.

1 life update 👆

So I'm taking a course right now by Daniel Vassallo, A Portfolio of Small Bets. So many familiar faces in the course from a handful of other cohort based courses I've taken.

If you're entrepreneurial, but not with ambitions of being the next Jeff Bezos, just want a little control over your life, then it's a great course.

It's been making me rethink a handful of things in my life. More on that as it progresses I suppose.

1 crazy thing 👆

​🚪 We found a door on Mars

At least we'd like to think we found a door. Kinda like the moon cube, it's just a natural occurrence that our pattern forming brains love to interpret as something we know.

Mars door
I see it, it's 100% a door ;)

To put the Mars door in perspective, take a look at the full image

Mars door full size
where'd it go?

The "door" is only 11 inches by 17 inches

3 Metaverse things ✌+👆

😤 VR breathing?

I can't make this stuff up, one week it's VR kissing, now it's controlling your breathing

I can see some applications of this being useful, but generally speaking it seems ridiculous and unlikely to go beyond a prototype.

VR Scout

💸 The crypto crash

It happened, the crypto markets tanked. Though I don't own any of the majorly effected coins like Terra or Luna it did spook folks further and tank some coins I do own in my portfolio. I'm not too worried though. One, I'm not betting my life savings. Two, I still believe in crypto in the long run. Short term, anything's fair game, especially when short-sellers get involved.

Terra was supposed to be pegged to the dollar, and it was until a hot second ago

So why exactly did crypto crash? Well that's a fascinating read.


🎮 Playing video games makes kids smarter

Mom, you should have let us play more games when we were kids!

two people playing Sony PS4 game console

In a new research report the researchers found that kids that played video games scored higher in IQ tests 2 years later than kids that didn't play video games. This held even when controlling for socioeconomic status and other demographic variables.

The gain was small, only 2.5 IQ points, but a gain nonetheless, and superior to other digital activities such as watching videos or socializing on social media.


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