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we're the ancient alien race and VR is real reality?

January 18, 2022

It was my son's birthday party over the weekend. He's turning six. He's learning to read and write, he's fascinated by space, and learning math. He's just a kid, but he's already a semi-self sufficient little human — he does an ok job wiping his own ass ;)

birthday ninja

He was born in 2016. Makes you feel a bit old, right?

He's growing up in a world where the internet, mobile phones, VR, and Netflix have always existed. Weird.

What world will his kids grow up in?

1 life update ☝

I don't write much about politics, current issues or covid outside of personal updates, but I wanted to talk briefly about it this week.

Covid is over.

We can move forward with our lives.

Not back to how it used to be, that's gone, in the past.

Not perpetual lock-downs and fear.

It's time to move forward.

If you need to read a more on that from someone more qualified than I, here's an excellent article, Coronavirus: Game Over by Tomas Pueyo

Uncharted Territories

I am excited to move forward after two years of this.

2 crazy things ✌

👽 are we the ancient aliens of the future?

Star Trek has a weird piece of the cannon where essentially an ancient humanoid species seeded distant planets with their DNA to evolve humanoid life there.

Now we're potentially going to launch Tardigrades at distant stars. The little water bears won't survive entry to the distant planet's atmospheres, but it does give credence to the theorey that some other ancient alien species potentially seeded earth.


⚡ limitless energy

Here's a thought

it's something I've been thinking about for a long time and why I often come back to nuclear energy. We're locked in a fixed-pie paradigm at the moment, but what if the pie size wasn't fixed?

What if we had limitless energy? How would that directly improve our lives? At a macro scale of society?

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3 Metaverse things ✌+👆

⌚ internet time will replace time zones

five assorted country wall clocks

Have you tried scheduling a meeting lately? As more people move to remote, workforces become more distributed globally, DAOs arise, and we spend more time living, working, and playing in the Metaverse local time zones will diminish in importance.

We'll need a universal time. Luckily it already exists.

Tech Republic

🎮 Second Life is making a comeback

Second Life is often cited in serious discussions on early versions of the Metaverse and widely considered to embody many aspects of the Metaverse. It was just maybe a bit early to the show?

Maybe not though, as it's seen a surge during the pandemic and reportedly has an economy of $650 million USD.

Philip Rosedale, the original founder will be returning to the company.

"The return of Rosedale could give the original metaverse a second life."


🌐=🌍 virtual will be real

Will virtual reality replace real reality? Maybe according to philosopher David Chalmers.

“A common way of thinking about virtual realities is that they’re somehow fake realities, that what you perceive in VR isn’t real. I think that’s wrong,” he told the Guardian. “The virtual worlds we’re interacting with can be as real as our ordinary physical world. Virtual reality is genuine reality.”

The Guardian

Are you shaking hands?

How do you feel about the rest of 2022? You planning on shaking any hands in the near future or sticking with fist bumps?

Let me know. Just hit reply, I read and respond to everyone!

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