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What Elon buying Twitter means, and mecha suits are coming

April 26, 2022

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Funding Secured, What Elon Buying Twitter Means

Twitter is a strange company. It's so important that Elizabeth Warren sees Elon owning it as a threat to democracy - yet it doesn't make much money. Facebook is far more successful, with a market cap 11X larger than Twitter. Yet it was Twitter that took Donald Trump to the White House. Sure, Facebook played a role, but Twitter was where he built his base. When Twitter banned Trump it ignited massive debate on the power that tech companies wield. As much as it made many liberals happy, you have to ask if banning a sitting president was the right move.

That's the thing with Twitter, it has outsized influence. I used to work for a fintech startup. If you don't know much about the finance world, just know that anyone who's anyone uses Bloomberg as their data terminal. Now, this fintech I worked for was making a new data platform for traders. Part of their secret sauce was including Twitter data in their financial models. The Twitter data helps savvy traders make more money. Twitter is the finger on the pulse. It's news at the speed of light. It moves markets, it is markets.

Jack and Elon call Twitter the internet's public square.

So what does it mean when Elon Musk buys Twitter? Long-term, I don't know. Short-term, I also don't know. No one does. It could be the best thing to ever happen to Twitter, it could be the worst.

Elon's inevitable changes to Twitter could doom us all, or it could save humanity. Or, it'll hasten trends that are inevitable, like polarization. Maybe Elizabeth Warren is right. He'll doom democracy. Maybe democracy was always doomed to be a short-lived experiment that only lasted a few centuries. If a man buying a social network and making changes to it dooms democracy, then democracy was always too fragile...

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1 crazy thing ๐Ÿ‘†

๐Ÿค– The Japanese create a mecha suit

Need a little robotic crazy today, check this out

Mecha suit
I need one of these


2 Metaverse things โœŒ

๐Ÿค” 3 reasons Meta isn't the Metaverse

โ€‹Motley Foolโ€‹

๐Ÿฅฝ 2 VR games worth keeping an eye on

I don't normally do video game recommendations, but these look great

This game was an early pandemic darling, the transition to VR makes perfect sense too.

Boneworks is one of the weirdest, coolest games on VR, the successor looks awesome.

1 Bonus read ๐Ÿ‘†

๐Ÿ“œ Chanting Torah Software Goes Offline

What happens when a solo-dev dies, sometimes their software dies with them.

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Despite all that we have accomplished, Twitter still has huge unmet potential.
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