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What's missing from Metaverse discussions, plus Grimes is a nuclear advocate now

December 7, 2021

I open my eyes slowly and rub my temples, the view of the slow-moving clouds on Jupiter's surface below becoming clear.

From Earth, the movement of the clouds isn't really perceptible, but from here on EO9 in Jupiter's orbit, you can easily see how the lighter bands move and swirl faster than the orange-hued bands.

I sit for a moment and stare at the clouds, willing new patterns to form in them as I think about my business. I've been working on redesigning my business strategy for the last few hours. This spot on EO9 is my favorite.

No one's ever here. It's my quiet space to think, collect my thoughts, and take notes. I come here often for deep thinking sessions like this.

"Dad!" the voice of my son jolts me out of my brainstorm session.

Instinctually I glance down the hall towards the voice, but of course, he's not there.

I lift up my headset and blink my eyes a few times at the soft afternoon light streaming in from the windows. My son bounds into my office and straight onto my lap.

"Mommy says work time is over and I can come get you. Are we still sailing today" he gushes all in one breath.

Ahhhh yes, sailing lessons with Caleb today at 4:30 pm. I'd almost forgotten while deep in my thoughts on EO9. I'd been working on teaching him all the basics on a small sailing dinghy we owned at the port a few minutes walk down the hill from our house.

We'd moved to Mallorca, Spain a few years ago and had a small house just outside Palma de Mallorca - the capital.

I ran my business as a globally distributed company entirely through the Metaverse.

Despite the beautiful setting and lovely quality of life, it was far cheaper here than in my native California.

We went back to California a few times a year to see my parents, but otherwise, I don't travel much. Certainly not for the business.

No one had had a business meeting in person for a long time. We could always meet face to face in the Metaverse so justifying the carbon expense of the travel just didn't make sense.


I was interviewed recently by a guy working on a book about the Metaverse. There were a lot of standard questions, which I suppose I answered with standard answers.

But then after tons of interviews about the Metaverse, I managed to stun him with a relatively simple thought.

I told him that the Metaverse isn't interesting in and of itself, but in what it will do.

The technology itself is fascinating to tech folks (myself included) but it's the 2nd and 3rd order effects where things get really interesting.

The Metaverse will lead to massive new migration patterns and will accelerate the crumble of our current political structures.

This new era of technology that we're entering, this 4th industrial revolution, the Metaverse, 'cyberspace fully realized' or whatever you want to call it will fundamentally alter the human landscape just as previous technological advancements have.

The invention of agriculture didn't just allow us to eat calories more consistently, it created civilization.

The industrial revolution so fundamentally altered the course of humanity that we went from a society where 75% of humans directly work in food production to now only 2% of us work in the fields.

Each new technological era changes not just how we live, work, and play but changes where we live, how we govern ourselves, our identities, and more.

I've talked about this back in pre-Zuckerberg times in Metaverse Enabled Mass Migration is Around the Corner.

The Metaverse and crypto will alter where people live and work. They'll choose to live in cheaper, beautiful places with good food and high quality of life. Most of those places are poorer than San Francisco or London.

As high skilled Metaverse workers move to these countries they bring their wealth and spend it in the local economy. This leads to massive wealth distribution on a global scale.

The opportunity to work in and contribute to businesses in the Metaverse will be open to all with an internet connection who speak English well — soon most of the planet if current trends hold. Millions of Metaverse workers will join a new global middle class.

The new rich will be those that use VR to carve out a luxurious life of deeply immersive work that they turn off by simply taking off the headset. They will then step out of their house to dive into the warm ocean nearby.

Mediterranean > San Francisco if you like actually swimming in the ocean

Cal Newport, in a recent, fantastic article for the New Yorker, hints at this new paradigm. He sees the potential of VR for a new, deeper relationship to work. It's worth the read.

2 crazy things ✌

🌐 Tinder thinking about a Tinderverse

Just when I think we've reached peak Metaverse, Web3 hype...
along comes Tinder talking about the Metaverse and their own crypto currency.

⚛ Nuclear gains an unusual ally in Grimes

Grimes, the electronic pop singer, came out in full opposition to California shutting down it's last operating nuclear power plant.

Grimes PSA

She may be a surprisingly helpful ally in the fight to promote nuclear, which should play a far bigger role in the discussion of clean energy and climate change than it currently does.

What are we missing here?

What aspects of the future do you think people just aren't thinking enough about?

Let me know. Just hit reply, I read and respond to everyone!

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Technology is a word that describes something that doesn’t work yet.
Douglas Adams,
Author, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

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